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No, the social media wave isn’t ending anytime soon and your business needs a social media presence.

It doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or a big national company. Social media should be an essential piece of your business marketing strategy.  Social platforms help you to connect with your customers, it generate brand awareness, and boost your leads and sales.

With nearly half of the world’s population using social media platforms, it’s no passing trend. Your target audience is hanging around the popular social networks.

They are engaging with their favorite brands and connecting with them on different levels.

Social networks give you the opportunity to interact directly with customers and followers, it give them the chance to interact directly with your brand. Unlike traditional media, which offers only one-way communication, social media is a two-way street.

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Content Strategy

Content strategy means getting the right content, to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Our social media specialists will develop a comprehensive social media strategy to steadily expand your influence and encourage long-term growth. We’ll conduct a meticulous analysis of your competitors’ marketing strategies. This will allow our team to determine which techniques are working well in your industry and to identify untapped opportunities. We will also conduct a research on your current social media efforts, follower base and brand identities. Based on your brand en the results of the research done, we will create a social media strategy that won’t just raise numbers, but develop an engaging platform around the brand – a communication bridge that strengthens with time.

Content Creation

Content creation is the most important element to any social media campaign. Because of this, we aim to create original content that is represent your brand and is in line with your brand identity. We will identify what type of content your target audience likes to consume, and develop a content strategy with you to make sure our goals are aligned to your expectations.

We create content that tells your story and crafts your message without being overly promotional.

Content Management

No matter your industry, social media is an important and necessary part of your overall marketing strategy. Not sure where to start? Don’t have time to maintain your accounts? We can help with our social media management services! We will manage your online presence, by creating, publishing, and analyzing content tailored to your business and audience. In addition, we will engage and interact with your social followers. Whether you are starting from scratch or you have established accounts that need a revamp, we are here to help you.

Social Media Allows big companies to act small again.

~ Jay Baer
Social Media
Social Media

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Techshield Pro

Bassam Salha

Techshield Pro

Tagants went above and beyond to help establishing my new company. Techshieldpro wouldn't make it without Tagant true dedication and professional team

Soda Coaching

Sofie Dahlman

Soda Coaching

Eva-Marie is open and transparent and a joy to work with! She is hardworking and diligent and over delivers against set expectations. I value her openness to share her expertise and to challenge my ideas as well. I am so happy and proud of the turnout; sodacoaching.com!”

WJS – Procurement Specialists

Will Sheeran


I worked with Eva-Marie on the development of my company website. She came across as very professional and focused, keeping me on track against my objectives when I started to stray. The end result is a fantastic website that I could only have dreamed of six months ago. I would definitely recommend her services.

Pallas Managament Solutions

Eniko Simon - Sheeran

Pallas Managament Solutions

I had the privilege to work with Eva-Marie and her team on multiple projects and can say she is a pleasure to work with. She is very good at what she does, committed to finish any project on very high standards with a professional but flexible approach.


Andrea Kroeger

Great customer service! Always professional! Highly recommend Mrs. Eva and her profound knowledge of the needs of her customers and how to present them at it’s best!